Work at home 101 – Residual Income, Leverage & Maui

Everyone wants to work at home.  I have worked in my home since 1995.  I was working for myself, out of my house, well before it was fashionable 🙂IMG_1583

So I know for a fact that working from home is NOT hard. Anyone can do it.  You just have to have something to sell that people want to buy.  That seems to be the hard part for everyone. What to sell.  In 1995 I started selling print advertising. I sold ads over the phone, to local businesses and then printed up a small publication and mailed it out to houses in my area.  My home business did great, but to quote Robert Kiyosaki, I went from HAVING a job to OWNING a job. My overhead was high, (printing and mailing) my workdays were LONG (albeit in my shorts and t-shirt) and I couldn’t go on vacation because with me gone, my business, and therefore my income, STOPPED!  That was when I learned about residual income.

Very simplified, residual income is money that comes IN, even when you are not there to make it come in. Also called ‘passive income‘, residual income is money that continues to come in long after the initial work is done. Writing a good book or a hit song is a good example (they call those paychecks royalties). Residual income can also be accomplished by using ‘leverage’ which just means, if I want to sell MORE products in less time, and less effort on my part, I could hire a team of sales people.  A team of sales people (10? 100? 1000?) can sell a LOT more of ANYTHING in a month than I can alone. Then I receive a portion of the income they bring in, and I can DO THAT lying on a beach in Maui if I want.

VOILA!  Leverage.

Take it from someone who has been there. If you want to work at home, no matter what you sell, I recommend that you sell something that allows you residual income. My current business does and it is one of the primary reasons I chose this business. If you decide to sell the products I currently sell, you receive an 80% commission on any product you sell (minimum commission $320). AND, if you invite others who join the business, you will receive a 20% commission on everything that THEY sell (minimum commission $80).  SO, how big do you want your sales team to be?  10? 100? 1000?   The sky’s the limit, and Maui is lovely all year round

Click on my website below to find out more about my business.

To your prosperity – Kathleen 🙂

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